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Character question...

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Hi guys, I would need some inputs from you regarding characters used in PowerRender. 1/ I have a problem with the prout.dle plugin for 3DSMax 4. When initializing, 3DSMax 4 tells me that there is a duplicate problem. I know that this questions has already been posted but I didn''t understood the answer from Chris. Could you please be more specific ? 2/ I am planning to build a fighting game (e.g Tekken, SF...) using PowerRender. From what I understood, the characters work as the q3 or halflife models (a body, a skin, a skeleton and numerous states(idle,run,walk...)). I would like my characters, due to the game fighting model to be able to have several beginnings and enddings. Here is an example to clarify: Imagine that two knights are fighting using swords. The sword techniks are dependent of the position at the end of the movement in order to go on the next movement. But using the actual system (but I may be wrong...) it seems that when launching an actor state, it will run until ending and then listen to the next state belonging the player actions. What I would like is to have a kind of intelligent movement that will make sure that between the first state and te second state of the actor, it changes smoothly between them. I''m not sure that it is clear (and forgive my english.... ;-)) Still, if you understood something and have an answer, you would be really helpful. That''s all for now, thanks Amadrias France

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The skeletal animation system supports blending between two different motions. It is turned on by default already.
The engine will automatically animate from the current frame into your next animation sequence so you won''t see any limbs popping instantly to a new position.

Search the character engine source code for "BlendMotions". You''ll see you can also change how many frames will be blended between motions by changing the BlendFrames variable.


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