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Help getting started

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Hello, im new to these forums and I plan on staying for quiet a while Im an intense gamer I used to play game so often that Ive become almost bored of playing games. I want to create my own games. I need help with programs Im going to need to started.I want to make very simple 2d games for now. like tetris..... I just need to know what i need to get started making games... I dont have any skill in programing but i want to learn. So if you could leave link to useful programs and tutorial to get started,also what i should learn first, like java, C, C++. Thanks alot, Im not trying to make the newest cuttin edge game, i just wanna make games... oh and if it helps at all, the games im intrested in making in the long run are, RPG's, RTS, and one day A MMORPG _______________________________________________________ Ok, could somone make a really easy tutorial for me? Like somthing so simple. Like Just a circle moving around in a screen, i really just need somthing simple like that to build on.... [Edited by - tripydevo on September 29, 2007 9:11:09 PM]

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A lot of people would recommend for you start with C# or Python. I don't know anything about Python, so I can't recommend anything for it. For C# I can recommend some things.

.Net Zero Book is a good book to use to learn C#. It covers a lot of things. Plus it is free :)!
MSDN Library will become your best friend to learn extra things, and it will show what the errors mean if you use Visual C# as your complier.
Visual C# Complier is probably a complier you will end up using.

Once you learn the language you should pick up an graphic api or something. You can use XNA for C#.

Also, I would probably advise you to stay away from C++ for now. Learning Python or C# will make you learn the language and not have to worry about things going wrong. Trust me, I know this from my own experience.

Well I wish you the best of luck :)!

~Carl J. Loucius

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To begin, let me burst your bubble a little - your three ideal projects' difficulty levels (alone):

RPG: Hard
RTS: Very Hard
MMORPG: Near Impossible

Alright, now that that's done, let me clarify in saying that while it can be done, to create a game of a decent quality under those three genres (by oneself) is reasonably difficult. You may be better than me and pick it up quickly and be able to do them, but generally the experience of others says that they're very hard.

On to your actual question. First language you want to start off with is either C++ or C# (although Java is similar to C++ from what I know). C++ is what the big companies use. If you were going to use C++, you would start off with console applications (head over to the C++ Workshop). Once mastering those you would move on to something like Allegro or the PopCap Framework. After becoming proficient with these, you would probably jump into the hardcore DirectX stuff.

As for C#, if you're starting with that check out the C# Workshop. Once mastering that head on over to Microsoft and get XNA. It's a very simple 'wrapper' over DirectX, basically makes graphics, sound, input etc. a lot easier than were you to do it with DirectX directly (in C# this is called Managed DirectX or MDX for short).

Whatever you choose, don't worry too much about whether it's the top-notch language or technology - the underlying concepts are what you want to learn and they're common to all game programming. Assuming you don't know how to 'make' things with these languages, Microsoft has available for download its Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition. It's an IDE that most big companies use, and its reasonably user friendly (large download, though). You would want either Visual C++ or Visual C# from them. Another well known C++ IDE and compiler is Dev-C++. If worst comes to worst, you can always write your programs in notepad and then download a command-line C++ compiler like GC++ and go from there.

Covered a lot there. Not sure how much of it is relevant as I'm not sure how much you know about the process... thought I'd assume no knowledge, so there you have it. Remember, the Workshops for each language are VERY important. There's no use jumping into the deep end as you'll just have to drag yourself out and back anyway.

Hope that helps. As for me, I went with C# and XNA first - it's so much easier and the errors are a lot easier to fix than in C++. As acddklr07 suggested, I would go with C#.

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