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- what is this...???

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Ok working on a little sprite animation in allegro for the first time. Acording to my reading material i have to build my own data structures to simulate my own animations. Ok here's the part i don't know. In the sample code the use this symbol: -> OK I know for a fact this already looks like a total noob quest on my part but what does this do exaclty? Also can i change the direction? <- thanks in advance!

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operator-> is used to access members through a pointer:

class obj
int member;

int main()
obj *object = new obj();
//access member of object
object->member = 1;
delete object;
return 0;

Similarly, you could dereference the pointer and use operator.:
(*object).member = 1;

And no, <- is not a valid operator.

Further reading.

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"->" Is use to access an element of a class or struct via a pointer.

For example:

struct foo{
int a;


foo* f = new foo;

// You can write:
foo->a = 10;
// Or you can write:
(*foo).a = 10;

And to your second question, no you cannot reverse the arrow.

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