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Nano Tech website

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Hey I am announcing the Nano Tech website it's located at: Clicky here Right now the servers are down for service but they'll be up soon I'll edit this with servers up when they are! Anyways right now the website has news, projects, and a gallery page. I am going to add a forum tomorrow.. The website is a programing group I've started for blitz3D!! :D Right now i have one project I am working on by myself and another with a Sokota he's a user on this forum.... The first project which I've done all by myself is a 3d map editor supports lots of function and I am still adding... Current functions: -Import 3ds, .x, and .b3d meshes -Import BMP, JPG, GIF terrains -Import BMP, JPG, GIF skybox/skysphere -Place/Rotate/Scale Objects -Export to custom file type and load into blitz3D -Instructions on how to change the code for your own use in different engines.. Some to come soon: -Particles Snow/Rain/Tornado/Waterfall/ect... -Load animated objects -Realistic 3D clouds -Realistic Realtime Shadows -This will run slow.... -Load Bump mapped objects -Load MD2's Quake's file format -Night/Day effects The other project is a FPS me and a artist are making. It will support all the features above and many more too. Basically the story is something like this... Your part of a special ops team who has the latest in unique body armor. It's a advanced suit that lets you run faster be stronger blah blah blah all that good stuff. Anyways you and your team you and 3 other guys are headed to a top secret research island which the government has lost contact with. The worst is assumed and the nuclear bomb inside the place which was to be remotely activated blowing it all away... but something went wrong. The bomb had been deactivated your mission is to activate the bomb and you and your team is to get out before it blows up.. As you land on the beach everything goes horrible wrong your team gets attacked by a group of mercenaries who have taken over the island. In short your team is dead and your the only one who is left. You find out that the government was doing portal research here so they could move stuff around faster. They were making great head way till an unknown group of mercenaries invade the island and take over. Wanting the portal technology for themselfs they use it. In the process of them using it wrong they open a portal to another world and aliens swarm in thinking there being attacked... So now it's up to you to fight mercenaries and aliens and activate the bomb saving the world.. It's most likely going to change.... This is a first draft so alot of stuff is going to change in this.. Right now whats done: Engine: 60% Maps: 1% GFX: 5% AI: 0% There's alot of work left to do and I dont think this will get done any time soon but I hope to have a demo out by Christmas. :D Anyways post back and tell me what you think and the website should be up soon sorry it's down.. Edit: Servers are up!!! -Toasterthegamer [Edited by - toasterthegamer on October 1, 2007 12:32:16 AM]

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