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The game was very unresponsive to keyboard input on my system - the game in general went very, very slow. I don't know how easy you can fix that, as it probably runs fine on your system and I know how difficult bugfixing is if you can't recreate them on your own system, but I thought you'd want to be aware of the problem. :)

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I didn't make marker to follow the character since it's always that yellow ball.
Captain did you turn fullscreen on and if you didn't what are your system specs? Maximum frames per second is set to 102.

EDIT: I can try this on my 900mhz computer to test if it runs slow

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Download J v1.1

1.1 (02.10.2007)
- Added level editor

Editor controls:
2.2 Misc Controls

- F1 to show/hide help

- F5 to restart level

- F8 to turn on edit mode

- F10 to toggle fullscreen on/off

- ESC to exit game

2.3 Edit Mode Controls

- Shift+L loads level /levels/blank.txt

- F3 saves level to /levels/blank.txt

- F8 to turn off edit mode

- Delete to delete a tile

- q to add tile Sand->water

- w to add tile Water

- e to add tile Water->sand

- r to add tile Plant

- t to add tile Wood on water

- y to add tile Wooden box

- u to add tile Exit portal

- i to add tile Key

- o to add J's starting position

- p to add tile Door

- a to add tile Brick

- Shift+A to add tile Fake brick

- s to add tile Stone

- Shift+S to add tile Stone ball

- d to add tile Exit sign

- f to add tile Mine

- g to add tile Sand

- Shift+G to add tile Sandbottom

- h to add tile Switch

- Shift+H to add tile Turned switch

- j to add tile Elevator

- k to add tile Steel platform

- Shift+K to add tile Breakable steel platform

- Ctrl+K to add tile Broken steel platform

- z to add tile Accesskey

- x to add tile Closed spacedoor

- Shift+X to add tile Opened spacedoor

- c to add tile Snow

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