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[java] Opening Text Files

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Yes, it is possible (very) to do file i/o with Java. You may want to check out sun's Java doc and look at the "" package.

But here is ONE method to open a text file with Java:
BufferedReader ds = null;
URL u;
String line;
// the file name, must have the path.

// since were creating a url object you have to have

// http:// or file:///, etc.

String fileName = "file:///C:/path/myFile.txt"

// open the file

try {
u = new URL(asc);
ds = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(u.openStream()));
}catch(Exception e) {}

// read from the file

while(true) {
try {
line = ds.readLine();
if(line == null)break;
}catch(IOException e) {} //end try


// close the file

try {
}catch(IOException e) {}

As I mentioned above this is not the only way to read files in java. This may not be even the easiest. I use this method in my applets that require to read files over the net.

Actually for my java apps I use the classes ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream to have a more robust method for file i/o. Check these classes out and how to use them at the site I mentioned above.

Cheers, JP.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
basically for reading in lines as strings you do this:

String file = "fileName.txt"
File file = new File("fileName.txt");

BufferedReader buffer = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(file));

now you can read from buffer like so:

String s = buffer.readLine();//returns null at end of file

both the creation and the reading throw exceptions so just wrap them in methods

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