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Getting system information with win32 api..

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Hey- If anyone is familiar with the System Information tool in windows, then you know exactly what I'm trying to reverse-engineer Here's the info I'm trying to get: CPU type/speed total RAM available RAM total virtual memory available virtual memory total hard disk space available hard disk space paging file size video chipset/driver version audio chipset/driver version all audio/video codecs plus driver provider/version BIOS chipset/version Some of them should be easy(hard disk size, etc.), but I'd appreciate anyone who can drop off a few lines of code to keep me from digging through msdn too much..if anyone has any immediate, quick way of accessing ANY of the listed items please let me know.. The ones I'm mostly worried about are the codecs and driver versions..I've also spent the last 30 minutes trying how to find CPU speed, no luck yet.. Before anyone suggests it I'm already using GetSystemInfo(..), there's not much actual system info in there ..I've already determined OS version, etc. BTW YES I know there are many tools out there to do this, I am NOT doing this by choice Please no RTFM replies, I AM going through msdn right now, I wouldn't post if the info I need wasn't as well hidden as M$ has made it.. Thanks in advance to EVERYONE!!! -MM "Like all good things, it starts with a monkey.." Edited by - monkeyman on April 26, 2001 2:26:30 PM

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