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Flat shading

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I noticed in ProEdit when something is flat shaded (FLAT, no texture, just a color, etc.) each triangle is shaded instead of the whole polygon, but when its displayed in my actual game it looks great, each surface is shaded the same instead of each triangle being different. For example a cube would look like its split up into triangles in ProEdit, while in my game it would look like a seamless cube where each side has a different shade instead of each triangle. Why is this? Also, can I be sure that flat shading in my game will look right on all graphics configurations? I''ve tested it on a couple of different cards (TNT2, Voodoo3, Voodoo5, Radeon, ATI RagePro) and its the same (wrong in ProEdit but right in the game). Some small power-ups in my adventure game do not require textures, they simply need colors, but for them to look right flat shading looks better than gourard. -Rich

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