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variable function calling

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have something like this
	switch (nScene)
	case 0:		
		Scene_0(lCurrTime, lStartTime);
	case 1:
		Scene_1(lCurrTime, lStartTime);
just 2 cases in the above code. how would i make this more variable like so i can easily put this in a loop instead of having 100 case statements? thuned life is unfair, take advantage of it. UNMB2 - if the link doesn''t work, try clicking it

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Function pointers

typedef void (*fptrScene)(time lCurrTime, time lStartTime);

fptrScene SceneArray[20];

Scene_0(time lCurrTime, time lStartTime);
Scene_1(time lCurrTime, time lStartTime);
Scene_2(time lCurrTime, time lStartTime);

then in your init function somewhere:


SceneArray[0] = Scene_0;
SceneArray[1] = Scene_1;
SceneArray[2] = Scene_2;

Then for your loop

for (i=0; (i<20) && (SceneArray[i] != NULL); i++)
SceneArray[i](lCurrTime, lStartTime);

... I think. Don''t quote me on that though, I have never made an array of function pointers. In theory it should work

-Chris Bennett of Dwarfsoft - The future of RPGs Thanks to all the goblins in the GDCorner niche

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