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actionscript 3 client server Help

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I need help creating server and client for simple version of it. In actionscript 3 format. That can send and revive the message. Can any help me on this part. I just found this just for the client but not sure about the server side. package { import; import; import; import; import flash.display.Sprite; public class DemoClient extends Sprite { private var host:String; private var port:int; private var socket:Socket; public function DemoClient() { host = "localhost"; port = 5555; connect(); } private function sendMessage( message:String ):void { message = "message" + ";" + message + "\n"; if ( socket && socket.connected ) socket.writeUTFBytes( message ); } private function receiveMessage( message:String ):void { trace( message ); } private function connect():void { socket = new Socket(); socket.addEventListener(Event.CONNECT, socketConnect); socket.addEventListener(Event.CLOSE, socketClose); socket.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, socketError ); try { socket.connect(host, port); } catch (e:Error) {} } private function socketConnect( event:Event ):void { // handle connection connected socket.addEventListener( ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA, socketData ); sendMessage( "Hello Server" ); } private function socketData( event:ProgressEvent ):void { receiveMessage( socket.readUTFBytes( socket.bytesAvailable ) ); } private function socketClose( event:Event ):void { // handle connection closed trace( "Socket Closed" ); } private function socketError( event:IOErrorEvent ):void { // handle connection error trace( "Socket has run into an Error" ); } } }

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