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LocoRoco physics?

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MadsGustaf    144
I'm trying to make a game, with similair physics as LocoRoco, and i was wondering how it's done? I only have the basic highschool physics - including Newtons law etc. And have succesfuly incorporated it it games and a simple particle engine. However prior to this im completely blank. I have looked into this book: Click or this(probaly more appropriate judging from 'Myopic Rhino's ' review: Click but im not sure wich(if any..) of these to i should buy. I have looked into a physic library called Box2d wich, by judging from the sample program, was just what i needed, however looking through the source code im as blank as a mirror. I'm worried about huge details concerning 3d. I'm currently teaching myself OpenGL wich i plan on to use with SDL, so my 3d math is very spare (high school level geometry and trigonometry), so i'd appriciate a book/online tutorial who is focused on the 2d implementation part, or just the theory. For those who don't know about LocoRoco: Click As you can see the, the LocoRoco's (those round things with mouths) behave and react differently when they collide with something, thats the physic/math/logic im interrested in. I seem to reamember someone using locoroco and "rigid bodies" in the same phrase, but i might be wrong. Any enlightment, suggestens etc is welcome! Thanks in advice! [Edited by - MadsGustaf on October 9, 2007 4:26:32 PM]

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madsravn    100
Hi there,

First of I'd like to say that I think your idea rocks.. Really rocks :) LocoRoco is such a nice game, very easy on the eye :)

I have both those book you link too. I haven't read them from cover to cover, but I have used them as a reference. And if you are coding in OpenGL, like myself, I think you will enjoy the Millington book the most. It comes with a CD with examples written with GLUT. I know it's kinda old, but hey, the OpenGL code is mostly the same.
The book also teach you both math and physics a little. So I would recommend it.

If you want any help with anything or have any question, feel free to write me : madsravn [at] gmail [dots] com . I think your project is too cool :)

May your coding be happy, Mads Ravn

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