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Terrain Daemon

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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is lee and i'm new here... nice to meet you! Terrain Daemon is a terrain editor i been working on lately and it's starting to take shape. Originly it was intended to be a simple level editor but now it has been expanded an awful lot. It's still far from complete which is keeping me working on it day and night. It's features are as follows: Create/Open/Save/Close Projects Terrain mesh creation and modification - Create vast terrains in second, lots of options to play with. Paint Brush tools for modification with patterns, kinda like photoshop but for 3D terrains. Shadows - Pretty nice shadow mapping, with options for moving the sun's position, also set the blur amount. Camera options - Camera Zoom, speed, position. Functions for blitz3D - Project files can be saved to file and then loaded into your own blitz game engine, with just a few easy to use functions. Can set level of detail in game/realtime. Export - (2D) height map, shadow map - (3D) .lwo, .x, .b3d, .3ds (will add as many as possible so not only can B3D users enjoy this but anyone) Here's a screenie Does anyone know if there is much demand for a tool like this? Any feedback/criticism welcome ^^ and thanx for your time! [Edited by - digitalmanifestation on October 10, 2007 8:16:57 PM]

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