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Stephane DAVID

How to make relief

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In my strategy game, I had an isometric map build from 2D tiles. I'd like to discuss the modelization of relief with such tiles. I'd like to have a map with nice mountain ranges, with some points like: - The possibility to have different "height" (high mountain, medium mountain, hills , plateau) - Different type (desert, rocky, grass, ice, etc) - Possibility to create mountain range by connecting a tile to some others - Possibility to have different slopes For instance, the South West side of a high mountain would have a steep slop going right into the sea, while the South East will have a gentle slope going to a medium mountain, then a hill, then a valley. Is this goal realistic with 2D tiles, do you have some example of graphics working that way? And if you are an artist, would you be interested to work on that?

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