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[.net] VB2005 DirectX Light Setting

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Hi, My program is simulate a ball free fall to ground. Using VB 2005 with .X file I set all the light by VB coding, not in the .X file I tried using 3 point light or 3 spot light But those lights given ugly result. Seem like the moon, as 1 light can only on half of the ball Example, only 1 spot light top-down, topper half is fine, but the bottom part is totally dark. So either half-dark and half-bright, or "cut" a cake into few pieces(>1 lights). I would like to ask what be the common practice of light setting by VB coding. Links would be ok. (I googled, but nothing useful) Thanks

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Generally, in addition to point lights, you will have some ambient light. This will allow the parts of the object not directly lit by a point light to be visible. Also, setting a material and using some specular light will generally improve the appearance of the ball.

Take a look at the lighting tutorial in the DirectX SDK.

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Thanks for reply.

Here's my setting:

MyDevice.SetRenderState(RenderStates.Lighting, True)
MyDevice.SetRenderState(RenderStates.ZEnable, True)
MyDevice.SetRenderState(RenderStates.CullMode, True)
MyDevice.SetRenderState(RenderStates.Ambient, Color.Black.ToArgb())
MyDevice.SetRenderState(RenderStates.FillMode, FillMode.Solid)
MyDevice.SetRenderState(RenderStates.SpecularEnable, True)
MyDevice.SetRenderState(RenderStates.NormalizeNormals, True)
MyDevice.SetRenderState(RenderStates.ShadeMode, ShadeMode.Gouraud)

MyDevice.Lights(0).Type = LightType.Spot
MyDevice.Lights(0).Diffuse = Color.White
MyDevice.Lights(0).Ambient = Color.Black
MyDevice.Lights(0).Specular = Color.White
MyDevice.Lights(0).Position = New Vector3(0, 10, 0)
MyDevice.Lights(0).Range = 20.0F
MyDevice.Lights(0).Falloff = 1.0F
MyDevice.Lights(0).Direction = New Vector3(0, -1, 0)
MyDevice.Lights(0).OuterConeAngle = Math.Atan(2 / 13) * 2
MyDevice.Lights(0).InnerConeAngle = Math.Atan(2 / 13) * 2
MyDevice.Lights(0).Attenuation0 = 0.9F
MyDevice.Lights(0).Attenuation1 = 0.06F
MyDevice.Lights(0).Attenuation2 = 0.0F
MyDevice.Lights(0).Enabled = True

The light is fine for the top-half of ball.
Result Picture
In theory, the bottom part should be dark, but that's not what I want

If I add 2 more spot light from bottom-right and -left direct to center of the ball
Result Picture
It is what I mean like "cut a cake into pieces".

I have tried for few different setting of lights, but same outcome.

The ball have material, I think, with just pink in color

I don't need a very fantasy or realistic result, I just want it to be a little smoother.

Can you give me a little more help?


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You have ambient lighting set to black. That's why nothing shows up except where the point lights hit. Try using a medium gray for the ambient setting.

I'm not sure what else you are talking about because both of the links you provided point to the same picture.

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Updated link for 2nd result
Result Picture

I have set the ambient color to gray, but same result
I have tried both
MyDevice.SetRenderState(RenderStates.Ambient, Color.Gray.ToArgb())
MyDevice.Lights(0).Ambient = Color.Gray

I have also tried for point and directional light, but same result

Any other suggestions??


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