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Mix_FreeMusic() blocks forever on some machines

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I've been having a strange bit of trouble with SDL Mixer's music functions lately. Essentially, I have set up a very basic music playing scheme in a program, and it works on almost every computer I've sent it to -- except one or two. For them, any calls to Mix_FreeMusic() end up blocking indefinitely, and they have to terminate the program manually. So, I have it so that when the user starts a new game, a song is started, and it just loops. If the user starts another new game, or sends a console command to start another song, the current song is halted and freed before starting the new song, and this is where it is constantly hanging, right when Mix_FreeMusic() is called. I have not been able to find any useful information about why this could be happening. It is not being called from within a callback function, as SDL_Mixer warns about. The documentation says it may block until the song has faded out, but I threw in code to check if it was set to fade (it wasn't), and then code to force it to fade in 1 ms (no change in behavior). I'm tempted to write this off as just a problem with those computers, but that might just be too optimistic. I really don't want to switch to another audio api, but I may have to. Also, I don't have any additional information about their computers, because they are in Utah and I am still trying to get more debugging information from them. Any ideas?

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