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Jebediah    245
Hi. I haven't been able to find a community for business software, something similar to but for applications. Gamedev is great for games, don't know about applications in general :) Does anybody know of a site similar to but targeting applications? The Program: Shift scheduling software targeting restaurants mainly. Enter employees, jobs, shifts, availability and it schedules staff. It is a website so users can request time off / vacations from home. I was thinking if I offered 50% of sales upto $50,000 then someone might help? Again probably the wrong place to look eh? The program is more or less done but it hasn't been tested. Thanks! [Edited by - Jebediah on October 17, 2007 10:56:10 AM]

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Palidine    1315
er.... You forgot to:

1) describe what exactly your program is
2) what you want from the forum
3) ask a meaningful question

You say "the program" "the business". What program? What business?


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