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New Computer, new problems...

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So I just put together a new computer with a 8800 GTS and Dual Core 6750. I pulled a project from my old computer that starts in the standard DirectX way, with Direct3DCreate9. On my old computer, it creates a device that give's 68 L 'D' under Version, along with "D3D9 Helper Library". Not sure what that is, but on the new computer, version is just 0, with no quote. When I use the device on the old computer with CreateDevice, it gives me a properly set up device, with all of the members looking as they should. The new computer generates a device (idirect3ddevice9) that has really crazy members. There are apparently 63 Swap chains already created at the outset, and 63 bytes of texture memory, and any number of other odd things. Obviously this device doesn't work so well when I go to start drawing things. Anyone have any ideas here? Does it have something to do with the DX10 video card? I actually updated from DX SDK December 2006 to April 2007 also. Is there some setting that might cause this? I thought I trasferred everything exactly. I'd appreciate any help.

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