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Closing a mesh

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Hello, we have an engine that does shadowing with shadow volumes using the depth fail stencil technique. However, we just bought a mesh pack for a demo that has some open meshes. As you probably guessed, those meshes have some pretty nasty artifacts in their shadows. Hence my question, is their any automatic way to close a mesh. I tried the "cap holes" modifier in 3ds max which actually worked well for some models but not for others (leaving a few naked edges). We are a team of programmer, not modelers! ;) So maybe the answer is obvious but we could not find it. If their is no automatic way, is their a well known algorithm to patch the holes in the shadow volume? Like matching an open edge to the closest naked edge or something similar? For your information we are creating the volume at load time and performing the extrusion in a vertex shader. Thank you for your help!

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