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Does SDL.Net support...

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So I was trying to figure out how to use SDL.Net when and I got this code going...

        Dim surface As New SdlDotNet.Graphics.Surface(SC.Width, SC.Height)
        Dim sprite As New SdlDotNet.Graphics.Sprites.Sprite("c:/theface.png")

Then I was going to change that sprite to a surface loading in one of my games tilesets and mess around with tile engine stuff and I didnt see what I needed. So DirectDraw has this line of code.

     Dim backbuffer As Microsoft.DirectX.DirectDraw.Surface
     backbuffer.Draw(destrectangle as system.drawing.rectangle, sourcesurface as directdraw.surface, srcrectangle as system.drawing.rectangle, flags as directdraw.flags)

I am like ok got the destination point in SDL.Net, got the sourcesurface too...flags idk, probably dont need em,...WAIT OMG NOT SRCRECTANGLE. the only srcrectangle i could find was for a core.basesdlresource. So does SDL.Net support doing blitting out part of a image and I am just not finding how to do this or whats going on. [Edited by - gonegaming12 on October 14, 2007 8:32:26 AM]

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