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How to get the information of video adapter

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Hi,everyone, this is my first post here. I'm a newbie in graphics programming, I have just learned the D3D9 tutorials and it makes sense to me. When I executed some programs(most are rendering water) I found on web, I found them generated Log files which have the video adapter and system information recorded, such as the driver version and date. People told me these information helps a lot when debugging, so I wanna create my own log file. Having put myself in a stack of articles, I can obtain the driver version and its date by Win32 Setup API, as well as the driver file name by D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 in D3D, but how can I finish by only using one method, either Setup*** or D3D? Anyone can help me will be appreciated. P.S, It seems that WMI and DXDiag interfaces can make sense too, but I have no idea of them. So please teach me in detail if you suggest me use this two tools. ____________ ( SOS ) ------------- O O ^__^ o (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/ ||----w | || || [Edited by - apen2007 on October 21, 2007 7:57:45 PM]

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