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[Solved] Logging with compiler generated constants

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Racky1275    122
I've got a logging system where every time I log a message I want to say where in the code that message came from. Currently I have:
Log("gfxengine.c","Initalise","Failed to set screen resolution");

Which logs... "12/10/2007 10:33:12 - gfxengine.c(Initalise) - Failed to set screen resolution" It's quite tedious having to the tell the Log routine something which the compiler should already know, where in the code we currently are. Ideally I could just use something along the lines of:
Log(__File,__Procedure,"Failed to set screen resolution");

Where the compiler fills in the details automatically. Unfortunately I can't see anything in the VS Cpp Express 2005 documentation to suggest that this feature might exist. Anyone know??? [Edited by - Racky1275 on October 12, 2007 7:31:03 AM]

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implicit    504
There's always the __FILE__ and __LINE__ preprocessor macros (as well as __TIME__ and __DATE__). Some compilers have extensions for getting the function name as well.

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