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Understanding Joint in newton

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Hello, I am using irrlicht and newton for physic. Truly am using irrnewt, a newton wrapper for irrlicht very complete. I have made a body for the Tank chasis and a body for the turret. Ok unitl now everythin is ok. But now I need that the turret get "stuk" with the chassis and besides can rotate along the y axis. So I declared a joint, a hinge joint to be more accuret. But I do not understand a thing: Why is not there in the joint strcuture the exact point for each body? I explain: the joint needs : parentbody, sonbody, pivot of turn and Pin. Ok but in which part of every body will it turns? at the edge? at the center? How do I sing this? I need this to put the exact turning POINT in every objetc, these are the tank chassis and the turret. Any help? thanks in advance. Vsk.

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