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quick bump mapping question

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zqueezy    122
i see a lot of different stuff on the net about bump mapping and especially the way the tangents and binormal vectors. my short question: is it really necessary to precalculate the binormal (and/or tangent)? or can i take some arbitrary vector (a) use that one with the normal to get a vector in tangent space (Cross(a,n)), and use the result to get the last vector? somewhere I read something about complications with that. But I cannot remember the argument but I remember that I didn't get it. I mean I'm pretty sure I can construct a matrix (TBN) to get the light vector in that space... thanx for answering zqueezy

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Madoc    146

You can derive the bitangent from the tangent and normal in the shader. I don't think there is any way you can get by without computing a tangent unless in very special cases.

Take a look at Eric Lengyel's code. In your shader, do B = (N cross T) * T.w or something like:

XPD bitangent, normal, tangent;
MUL bitangent, bitangent, tangent.w;

I believe there are no issues with this method. It works fine for me with some pretty jumbled UV mapping. In a recent post I claimed problems in trying to split the vertices where tangents were discontinuous but this is actually trivially solved, some of the data I was using in my splitting stage was corrupt/undefined!

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