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OpenGL Hide model and change camera position?

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Hi OpenGL fans and know it alls. I have a question on the camera, model hiding. 1. I want to allow the user to zoom in the area with the current camera position that it is at with the scoll pad on the mouse how can I do that? 2.I want to allow the user to view side to top by pressing "1" on the keyboard and hide the Sky Box that shows on the side. How can I do this? I do have code on starting this.

void handleSpecialKeyReleased(int key, int x, int y) {
	switch(key) {
		case GLUT_KEY_1:
	     bool firstView = true;
              bool HideSky = false;
            if(firstView == true)
             HideSky = true;
              firstView = false;           
              else if(firstView == false)
                                HideSky = false;
                                 firstView = true;   

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