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Virtual video input device

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Hi, I am looking for an opensource project about a virtual video device input on windows. A lot of freeware and shareware exists like : fake camera or manyCam or webcam simulator ( ) or SplitCam. But there is always a pb. I mean a persistant logo or does not support format 720*576 or required direct3D. I have three restriction : format 720*576, only directdraw, and no logo. Does anyone know a such project ? Thx you Edit: an other example is this one. It is a directshow filter but the source is an ip webcam. Me i Need a file as source. Edit2:In fact in manyCam it is possible to remove the logo. But max size is 640*480. And I need 720*576. [Edited by - CaptainL on October 13, 2007 1:01:08 PM]

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