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dean nolan

[4E6] The Gamedev Adventure

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Hey everyone. I am hoping to enter this year. I don't have a lot planned out yet so can't really post in the format that some others have. Idea: It's a comedy adventure game in the style of Monkey Island and the like. It is based on the gamedev forum with each sub forum being a different level or mini game. For a typcal example the beginners section being training. Your player travels around on a pony and also aquires a little sidekick with the dialogs between player and sidekick forming most of the comedy (i have written a few sequences already) Members of the forums and typical topics will feature, already done a sketch for Superpig ;) Anyway, that's the idea. Will hopefully be able to post a better description soon and some sample screenshots (new renderer should support shaders by the end of the night, bonus!) let me know what you think about the idea, cheers.

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