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beginning software development

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i'm interested in starting to develop software applications , does anyone have a good resource or 2 to recommend? books, websites, articles, etc.. thanks

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MSDN network MSDN

Here there are videos, tutorials and not to mention the MSDN Library which can be downloaded to your HD of articles, HOW To's, API Specifications, etc... For the Visual Studio Package

Visual Basic
Visual C#
Visual C++
Visual Web dev

I spent 15 minutes looking through the MSDN network and in VB made my own Web Browser.

It's the only resource I use when I'm making a non-game application

And if you would like to view source code of other applications
Planet Source Code It's a good place to start

Hope this helps!

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Original post by sheep19
Are there videos for C++ ?

A couple of months ago when I decided to pick programming back up again I found the VB and C# videos. At the time I was sure that I wanted to learn C++, but I never found any videos that were free to download.

But in the end I picked C# anyways.

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