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Easy 3D digital graphics from real objects.

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I was browsing instructables, and found three of them that might interest you guys: 3D laser scanner : http://www.instructables.com/id/3-D-Laser-Scanner/ David 3D scanner : http://www.instructables.com/id/David-3D-scanner/ Milkscanner : http://www.instructables.com/id/Milkscanner-V1.0/ Out of all the three, the David 3D scanner does a good job in creating object files, but as I have not tried it, and only looked through the screenshots on the site, it looks crappy. The milkscanner one doesn't seen that good either, because it is only creating half of the object at a time, not such a good idea. As for the one left, getting stuff to stay in one position, like keeping the lens in position, the camera in position, and laser in position is hard. It is harder to get stuff to rotate as well. But this one still seems decent, the only problem is that we need to understand AVI, that's not hard is it, and then we need to find the location of vertices from the computer. You'd be thinking that the images in output are quite detailed and thus not suitable on most games because of speed problems, so as it is obvious, the speed of the rotating platform will make less or more vertices. If you don't understand then think of it like this, the velocity of the rotating platform, if is low then the number of frames must be high since it takes more time to complete one rotation. If it is high, then the number of frames is low, so less vertices. You can actually decide the speed by deviding 360* by the no. of vertices horizontally. This gives you the no. of degrees the table should have moved after each frame. Please reflect and reply, and if you can help me to make a program that only outputs the X, Y, Z co-ords of each vertex. Hope I was of help.

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