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[.net] ASP.NET - Postback and events

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I'm currently working with a custom made control to display some data. This control is repeated multiple times over the page(Depending on the amount of results from an SQL query). Each of these control instances have 3 tiny buttons: Edit / Delete / Lock/Unlock. When one of these buttons is clicked, I just trigger it's OnClick and pass that event on. However, I noticed that the entire page is being reloaded(ie, DB query, building up the controls and then passing on the event). Performance wise, this means that I'm query the DB an additional time for things I already know. Would it be smarter to do just call "edit.aspx?id=value" or "delete.aspx?id=value", etc.? Requires a bit of parsing, but saves the DB query and constructing the entire page. Toolmaker

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1. Use result caching.
2. Check for postback, Page.Load gets called irregardless of postback or not, that's why there's a flag you can check to see if you're dealing with a postback.

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All you need to do is put the operations that you do not want to be repeated on a postback in a if-construct like this:

// this code will only run when navigating to this page from another page

All the data that you need during a postback that is gathered during the first load of the page should be cached somewhere.
In no particular order (each with its own pros and cons)
1. request parameters: url params
2. Session object: per user, costs server memory
3. Application object: for all users, no protection
4. Viewstate: on the page, costs bandwidth

Most ASP.NET controls store their state in the viewstate by default.

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