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Reflective textures

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I'm using shaders to create a Utah Teapot which reflects the cubemap surrounding it. Sorry, forgot to add this: The teapot is black. Completely black. I'm not sure if has something to do with the values (i.e am I miscalculating them?) Here are my vertex/fragment shaders respectively: vertex shader: struct vertex { float4 position : POSITION; float2 texCoord : TEXCOORD0; float3 normal : NORMAL; }; void main(vertex IN, out float4 oPosition : POSITION, out float2 oTexCoord : TEXCOORD0, out float3 oRefVector : TEXCOORD1, uniform float4x4 modelViewProj, uniform float4x4 modelMatrix, uniform float4x4 cgInvTransModelMatrix, uniform float3 eyepos) { oPosition = mul(modelViewProj,IN.position); //transform from model to clip space //step 1 oTexCoord = IN.texCoord; //step 2 float4 oPosWorldSpace = mul(modelMatrix, IN.position); //transform from model to world space //step 3 float3 oNormal = mul(cgInvTransModelMatrix, float4(IN.normal,1.0)).xyz; //step 4 oNormal = normalize(oNormal); //step 5 float3 eyePosWorldSpace; eyePosWorldSpace = mul(modelMatrix, float4(eyepos,1.0)).xyz; float3 viewVec = oPosWorldSpace - eyePosWorldSpace; //step 6 //now calculate the reflection vector oRefVector oRefVector = reflect(viewVec, oNormal); } fragment shader: void main(float2 texCoord : TEXCOORD0, float3 refVector : TEXCOORD1, uniform sampler2D decalMap, uniform samplerCUBE cubeMapTex, uniform float reflectivity, out float4 colour : COLOR) { colour = tex2D(decalMap,texCoord); float4 refCompCol = texCUBE(cubeMapTex, refVector); float4 texCompCol = tex2D(decalMap, refVector); colour = lerp(refCompCol, texCompCol, reflectivity); } I'd appreciate it if someone could let me know where I'm going wrong.

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I have no absolute solution, but if this were me debugging the problem I'd be commenting parts of the fragment shader out to see what was happening.

Actually though, I think your problem might be that you need to pass refVector in as two texture co-ordinates, i.e. duplicate the data. I've had problems with sampling from two textures using the same UV co-ordinate register not working.

But as a general answer: debug the output.


// Check the cube map
colour = refCompCol;

// Check just the texture map
colour = texCompCol;

// Debug the reflectivity
colour = float4( reflectivity, reflectivity, reflectivity, 1 );


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