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Hello, my name is Derik: I am what I consider an intermediate programmer, primarily coding in VB 6.0 but have used C++ a lot with console based applications and have toyed with any number of other languages to a very small degree. Me, my brother,and a friend of ours have gotten together to start a long term textbased MMORPG project. Together we chose to learn C# and use this language for our project because it is a language with much more future potential than VB 6.0. Now i have 250k lines of VB 6 code and much more to write but now it all must be translated to C#. I have been tinkering with C# trying to understand how all of the fundamentals work and I have noticed that the process for doing things is very much different. I used C++ a lot but only with console based operations and most of my problems lie with creating and dealing with objects. I have had an easy time making them in code and manipulating the properties but getting them to display as a TextBox for example has been causing me frustration lately. I predict many more issues to come since i seem to not have a grasp of how C# is working compared to VB6. Can anyone help me? I'm open to source code meant for instructional use, tutorials, helpful links, or anything at all. I have looked on google for all of these things and have found them but often find out that what they are telling me i understand but it is what they assume i know that escapes me so if you have anything i would appreciate very detailed explanations and any references to the way that VB 6 worked would be nice too. Thanks Much Derik

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