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Size of an array by its reference

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I have a function that's called like this:
Object.createMesh(mesh, (sizeof mesh)/(sizeof mesh[0]));
mesh is a struct containing vertex information, and createMesh passes along that information by use of a pointer so it can be displayed with glVertexPointer(). As it is right now, createMesh works as it should, but I don't want to keep entering the size of the mesh array as a second argument. I tried making a wrapper function so you only use the name of the struct array, but I don't know how to pass the size of the array by a reference. It could be used with any mesh, so the array has no known bounds.

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Use std::vector.

If not, then provide some simple wrapper to array:

template < typename T >
struct Array {
size_t size;
T *data;

Note that this isn't any safer than with raw pointers.

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