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Deactivating vertex colours (MDX):

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I'm trying to use the effect files referenced in my mesh file as defaults and then overwrite one or two properties during runtime. It's probably not a good idea to do that, but I don't think it's the cause of the problem I'm having. I want to treat vertex colours as a type of light, so that when I switch off the both the lights and the textures, the mesh will appear as plain white. As far as I know, setting the ColorVertex property as false should prevent the vertex colours from being used. However when I switch off the lights and texture the vertex colours are still displayed. I found a way around it using the TextureFactor, but I'd prefere to use the ColorVertex property as I don't like the idea of changing the render states in the middle of an effext pass.
            m_xDevice.Transform.World =
                Matrix.Translation(Position - Centre) *
                Matrix.Scaling(Scale, Scale, Scale) *

            StateBackup xStateBackup = new StateBackup(ref m_xDevice);

                #region Render with effects

                for (int i = 0; i < m_axEffects.Length; i++)
                    int iPasses = m_axEffects.Begin(FX.None);

                    for (int p = 0; p < iPasses; p++)

                        if (xStateBackup.m_eColorOperation == TextureOperation.SelectArg1 ||
                            xStateBackup.m_eColorOperation == TextureOperation.SelectArg2)
                            m_xDevice.TextureState[0].ColorOperation = xStateBackup.m_eColorOperation;
                        else if (xStateBackup.m_eColorOperation == TextureOperation.Disable)
                            m_xDevice.RenderState.ColorVertex = false;
                            m_xDevice.RenderState.TextureFactor = unchecked((int)0xFFFFFFFF);
                            m_xDevice.TextureState[0].ColorOperation = TextureOperation.SelectArg2;
                            m_xDevice.TextureState[0].ColorArgument2 = TextureArgument.TFactor;

                        m_xDevice.RenderState.Lighting &= xStateBackup.m_bLighting;

                        m_xDevice.SamplerState[0].MagFilter = xStateBackup.m_eMagFilter;
                        m_xDevice.SamplerState[0].MinFilter = xStateBackup.m_eMinFilter;

                        m_xDevice.Material = m_axMaterials;
                        m_xDevice.SetTexture(0, m_axTextures);




BTW, when I start an effect or a pass do all the original render states and texture states get backed up or just the ones that got changed for that pass?

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