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OpenGL Graphics Engine UML

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I've been working on my graphics engine in OpenGL and its comming along nicely, much is thanks to all of your help here on GameDev forums and the great tutorials created by NeHe. I'm working with C++ so I'm breaking down all this information I have gathered and code I've tested and customizing it to my own object oriented graphics engine. I would appreciate your feedback on this since there seems to be a lack of "beginner stage" architactual design of a graphics engine out there. Maybe this will be a new resource for others to learn from as well. I'm using UML to represent my classes but I am leaving out quite a few things because this is more on a design level. Here is pretty much the stuff I done in code: Main is our main entry point in the application. WindowHandler sets up our window, the size and also Microsoft Windows related stuff that needs to be taken care of, like WNDCLASSEX and HINSTANCE and so on. GraphicHandler is basically our renderer, it defines materials, lights and so forth. GraphicalObjectVector is a container with all of our Meshes that will be rendered. Model has a mesh, material,(bones,) uvcoords and a texture CompoundModel can have many Models, example: a house and a door(that can be opened and closed) Texture is a simple class that just holds a pixel pointer to our texture. ModelLoader parses the .ASE file that has information about our models I hope I'm being clear on how things work but just ask if I need to be more specific. So what I'm wondering is basically: Is this a good approach? How can/should I expand this when more complicated rendering methods needs implementation? And the final question: Is this a good model or should it be completely remodelled? Thank you.

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