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Gaming Miniconf @ Linux.conf.au - Call for Participation (not just presentations!)

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This may be of interest to any open source game developers in the Asia-Pacific area. The latest version of this announcement can always be found at http://miniconf.mel8ourne.org/wiki/index.php?title=Gaming/CFP
Hello everyone, The Gaming Miniconf is glad to announce it has open it's Call for Participation! We are not just after presentations, but a variety of cool people. The Open Source Gaming and Game Development Miniconf (Gaming Miniconf for short) is a single day event run as part of the Linux.conf.au technical conference. It aims to promote both FOSS Gaming and FOSS Game Development. This will be the second year that the Gaming Miniconf runs and with your help it will be even better. This Miniconf is not just a bunch of cool talks, it aims to be FUN! Interactive demonstrations of FOSS games will be occurring at the Open Day. So why not come and participate in this exciting event? = So how can I participate? = ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gaming Miniconf needs your help to be the best Miniconf ever. There are numerous ways for you to participate, anyone can help out in some way! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at gaming@mithis.com == Present Something! == ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gaming Miniconf is looking for quality speakers who want to talk about the cool things they have been involved in. There are 3 types of sessions which will be running at the Gaming Miniconf. === Presentation === These are 20 minutes presentations with 5 minutes of question time. You get to put slides up on the projector and talk about your cool project. The Miniconf is specially looking for talks on the following topics; * FOSS being used in commercial computer games * FOSS game tool kits (such as pyGame, Ogre3d, ODE, etc) * FOSS media development * Playing games on FOSS platforms To submit a talk proposal, send an email to gaming@mithis.com with information about yourself and a 3 paragraph description of your talk. The more information you include the better! === Panel Session === Is there an important topic which effects FOSS Game development? Why not suggest a panel session about it! A panel session starts with a short 10 minute talk by a knowledgeable person on the topic, then 3-6 people are seated out the front to answer questions and discuss the topic. To see an example of a panel session checkout the 'FOSS License for Content Developers' panel which was run at last years Miniconf. http://mirror.linux.org.au/linux.conf.au/2007/video/tuesday/tuesday_1210_gaming.ogg To suggest a panel session, send an email to gaming@mithis.com with information about what you want the panel to be about and who you think should be on it (which may be yourself!). === Lightening Talk === The last talk session of the Miniconf will 5 minute "lightening talks". These allow anyone on the day to give a quick 5 minute talk. You can't use slides or anything else which requires setup, you just get up and talk. This is a great way to announce your new project, the cool new thing you are doing or just remind everyone about your project. To see how lightening talks work, watch last years lightening talks video. http://mirror.linux.org.au/linux.conf.au/2007/video/tuesday/tuesday_1650_gaming.ogg To give a lightening talk just put your name down on the sign up list on the day. You **do not** need to propose the session before the day! == Bring some hardware! == ----------------------------------------------------------------------- At the LCA08's Open Day the Miniconf the will be hosting a stand to demonstrate successful and fun Open Source games to the public. To do this we '''need''' hardware. If you or anyone you know is willing to loan hardware for this event, could you please contact me. We are specially looking for the following hardware: * DDR Mats compatible with PC Converters * PCs with working Linux 3D drivers * Xbox's which run Linux * Handheld consoles with "Homebrew" Open Source software * Large monitors or TV screens We will try our best to make sure no damage occurs to your hardware, but please note we won't be held responsible for any damage which may occur. == Volunteer for Open Day == ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For the Gaming Miniconf stand at the Open Day to be success we need people who can help out. All tasks are can be done by anyone, some examples include, * look after various equipment, * explain and/or demonstrate various games, * help move equipment around, * give out various goodies. == Come along! == ----------------------------------------------------------------------- So you don't have time to give a talk, and your travelling so can't bring along any cool hardware. Another good way to participate is to just come and listen. There would be no point of the Miniconf if nobody came to it! Don't forget to bring your brain so you can ask insightful questions and learn lots of cool stuff. All people attending the Miniconf '''MUST'' be registered with Linux.conf.au. = So when do I need to do things by? = ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Miniconf will run for the complete day of Tuesday, 29th of January 2008 (which is the second day of the LCA conference). It will also be participating in the LCA Open Day. == Attending == Anyone who wants to just come to the Miniconf needs to register with Linux.conf.au before they sell out of places! The conference is really popular so don't leave it too late. == Speakers == All speakers **must** submit their submissions before the '''15th of November'''. Speaker slots are limited and will fill up fast so don't leave your submission to the last moment! All speakers will be notified before the early bird registrations close. == Helpers == Please notify me as soon as possible if you think you can help. Anyone who is interested in helping with the open day, please notify me by the '''1st of January 2008'''. Anyone who can bring hardware, please notify me by the '''1st of December 2007'''. = What else should I know? = ----------------------------------------------------------------------- All the speakers and participants of the Miniconf must be registered at Linux.conf.au 2008. The LCA Open Day is open to everyone! Anyone can just turn up and participate in the fun. == Why is it running? == The Miniconf brings together game developers together with developers from other communities to further increase cooperation. As well, this year there will be a specific focus on game developers getting together with the media development community. Many people believe gaming is one area where FOSS can not succeed. This myth is perpetuated by the big budgets of gaming companies and requirement to be continually on the cutting. FOSS games are also increasingly become more advanced, many look and play like commercial games. Increasingly commercial game companies are also levering FOSS technologies and community to not only be more competitive but to create more innovative games! Australian game developers are at the forefront of this FOSS adoption. == About linux.conf.au == Linux.conf.au (http://linux.conf.au/) is Australia's annual technical conference about Free Software. Fun, informal and seriously technical, Linux.conf.au draws together Free and Open Source Software developers from across the world. It will be held from January 28th to February 2nd, 2008 at The University of Melbourne. == About Linux Australia == Linux Australia (http://www.linux.org.au/) is the peak body for Linux User Groups (LUGs) around Australia, and as such represents approximately 5000 Australian Linux users and developers. Linux Australia facilitates the organisation of this international Free Software conference in a different Australasian city each year. Thank you for your time. Tim Ansell Gaming Miniconf Organiser

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