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key presses in ECMAscript

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Hello. I've got code like this
<input type="text" onkeypress="return foo(this,event)">

The function foo() filters keypresses and returns true only when the value of the form element is a legal string. Some problems in the body of foo(obj,e){... obj.value does not include the effect of the new keypress. I can concatenate the new character using String.fromCharCode(key) but now I have to deal with backspace, DEL, and their ilk manually (must return true only if the NEW string is legal). Correctly handling the cursor position is more hassle. How do I avoid this work? onchange won't do because on some browsers (e.g. Opera) it doesn't actually fire on all changes (and I don't think it will let me turn back the clock and undo the change) Validating the string against a whitelist of typeable characters makes sense, but I don't want to limit myself to ASCII characters: Russian, Japanese, etc. should be allowed. How do I determine if a key press is an non-English character or a special key code (e.g. page-up) without doing exhaustive case-by-case checks. Esentially what I'm looking for is a unicode-respectful built-in keyCodeIsPrintableCharacter function.

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