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Prediction Engine

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Hi peeps, Im wanting to start making a match predictor for football results. I have a bit of spare time and this has always interested me and if i could make it somehow into a simple game where a user gets to enter their predictions etc. Not very exciting stuff I know. Its more the engine for making a prediction that would interest me and the algorithms used. Im a little unsure how the best way to go about actually starting to make it. I know serveral programming languages so thats not really a problem. I can pick others up quicker now too. I will need to somehow get the fixtures automatically so I guess I will need to crawl a website and get the fixtures and also possibley other data. I would also like to store a previous weeks results somehow possibly a database (eg mysql) Can anyone just give me a hint or two as to where to begin. I kind of know the data that I want etc to make the predictions. It can be web based or like a windows/linux app based like java, vb, python etc it doesn't matter too much the front end really. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks in advance Matt

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Well, let's see where you want to start with this thing. First, remember that I don't know how to play football, (yeah, I am that much of a geek).

I am assuming that the object is for the software to determine who will play who based on statistical information. So therefore you are really just making a data cruncher.

Now you talked a bit about making the game extract data from the web. Does that mean it will be a web based program? Or, do you want this to be a stand alone program.

Here are my thoughts.
1. Determine where the game is going to reside (online, on a PC)
2. Determine how you are going to get the data you need, (entered by user, XML feed....)
3. Create a mathematical algorithm that will do the predictions

If you want more help with this, just go to our forum and it will be easier for me to help you. The forum is new, clean and nobody there. Otherwise I will loose your reply if any amoung the rest of these threads.

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