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OpenGL openGL physics

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Im looking to make a project using a combination of openGL and C/C++ programming to visually simulate particle movement (in situations such as pendulum movement, orbital movement etc) Im currently using a few books to forward my understanding of the API's to the level where I should be able to produce the constrained animations requied for my final solution. However I was just wondering if any of you guys would be able to help with regards to useful books, tutorials and particularly your favourite method of implementing open GL (i.e. in linux with a text editor/compiler or via windows in MS Visual Studio etc.) , any help with this is appreciated.

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personally i like all my code to run multiplatform.

Here is what i use on different platforms

XCode on Mac
Vis Studio 2005 Windows
Codeblocks (gcc) Windows
Codeblocks Linux

I do 90% of all my programming in vis studio 2005 and than proceed to make sure it compiles and run's ok with CodeBlocks under windows, than it's a pretty trivial task to get it compiling under linux using codeblocks. Mac side always takes a bit more work. I also use SDL for both input and window creation.

My IDE preference is as follows
Visuall studio 2005

I rank vis studio 2005 number 1 because IMHO it's the best IDE but that's just my opinion. I am rather fond of xcode too. CodeBlocks i only use because MakeFile's and linux are not my strong point ;-) and i really don't like KDevelop or Anjunta. I also have not really used borland c++ builder too often so i don't have a comment on that one.

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