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Games Wanted for Film Festival

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Hi all, I hope folks will consider submitting work for this showcase. It's an "environmental" film festival, but it takes a very broad definition of environment. Please feel free to contact me with questions... FYI, if you think your game MIGHT fit, but aren't sure, it probably does, just drop me a line and we'll talk. =+=+=+=+= Call for Games at FLEFF 2008 Radically reconfigured for the 21st century in 2006, the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) is a multimedia festival that explores the theme of sustainability and the environment within a large global conversation that embraces a range of political, economic, social, and aesthetic issues. “The Bardo,” the new video game exhibition for FLEFF 2008, takes its name from the Tibetan Buddhist concept of an interstitial state of consciousness: between life and death, between sleeping and waking. The exhibition applies this concept of liminality to many related subjects in and around gaming: the state of the industry, the state of the environment and environmental movements, relationships between gamers and makers as well as between players in situ. The curator of ‘The Bardo’ is looking for submissions of video games that explore issues related to the four ‘content streams’ of this year’s festival: camouflage, counterpoint, games, and gastronomica. (See details below.) Submission are welcome in any format for any platform, single or multiplayer, online or offline. We are particularly interested in mobile, hybrid, hacked and homebrew works that relate to the content streams. Submissions from artists living and working in the global South are encouraged to submit. Selected works will be exhibited at “The Bardo” for the duration of the festival. 1. CAMOUFLAGE Sometimes mistakenly conceived as “blending in,” camouflage achieves its objectives by disrupting visual fields and fragmenting their boundaries. 2. COUNTERPOINT Different melodic lines heard simultaneously identify counterpoint. Counterpoint matches horizontal lines into vertical harmonies, creating dimension. Counterpoint germinates polyphony. Discords produce tension. 3. GAMES Games are sports. Games are conceptual environments. Games spin dialectics between competition and collectivity, interaction and immersion. The ludology/narratology wars pit process against story. 4. GASTRONOMICA Constituted by chemical compounds—sugars, proteins, carbohydrates, salts, and fats—food is the essence of environmental tangibility and provides the material foundations of life. FLEFF 2008 will take place from 31 March to 06 April 2008 in Ithaca (New York), USA. Visit for links to curated work from 2007. Please send submissions, with a brief bio, to curator Simon Tarr (University of South Carolina Department of Art, Columbia, SC 29208) no later than 01 December 2007. Please contact the curator by email ( for questions. Software submissions will not be returned. If sending custom hardware, please do not send sole prototypes. Contact curator to make arrangements for return of hardware submissions.

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