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can not hide CEGUI window

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I am working on a game in C++. It uses Ogre for its graphics engine and CEGUI for its graphical interface. So I have this function in class DigitalCameraWindow: bool DigitalCameraWindow::handleCaptureClick(const CEGUI::EventArgs& e) { // Hide the digital camera window. window->hide(); // A character array to hold the full path to the image file. char imageName[100]; // An object of type Image to store information about the new image being inserted. Image* newImage; // Obtain the name of the zone the player is currently in. std::string zoneName = ZoneManager::getSingleton().getZone(ZoneManager::getSingleton().getActive())->zonename; try { // Call function createImage of class ImageManager to construc the image name and instantiate // an object of type Image. newImage = Star::ImageManager::getSingletonPtr()->createImage("Picture", "jpg", zoneName, "", imageName); // This will add a line for the current image in text file "imagepaths.txt". Star::ImageManager::getSingletonPtr()->addImage(newImage); // Generate the actual image file and save it to the appropriate folder. GraphicsSystem::getSingleton().getCamera().writeScreenToFile(imageName); // Call method sendImageToServer of class ImageManager to send an image packet accross the network // to the Server portion of the game. Star::ImageManager::getSingletonPtr()->sendImageToServer(newImage); } // End try catch(Star::Exception) { Star::Logger::getSingletonPtr()->log(Star::Logger::LOG_NORMAL, "Exception occured while capturing the image."); } // End catch // After the picture is taken we will show the digital camera window again so the player can // take another picture if they choose to do so. //window->show(); return true; } // End handleCaptureClick Basically it simulates taking a picture with a camera by capturing the screen. The problem is that when it captures the screen it also captures the digital camera interface. In order to solve that problem I am trying to hide the CEGUI window that represents the digital camera. I am attempting to do that in the following line of code: window->hide(); However, the window is not being hidden until the end of the method. Does anybody know why this is happening?

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