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[4E6] My idea.

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I've been wrestling with the concept of ponies and accountants in the same game.. but found a solution. In the Fictional universe the game takes place in, the origin of the civilisation that built the city was a federation of nomadic tribes, where a persons wealth is measured in the number of ponies they had. These days, the civilisation is based around larger, "civilised" city settlements, surrounded by smaller "barbarian" villages. The coins and notes now issued by the bank are "promissary currency" and can be exchanged for actual ponies. There are 10 "bones" to one "pony". Bands of travelling nomads are an important political force as they have ancient knowledge of medicine and warfare, and will offer their services to the highest bidder, as mercenaries, healers, entertainers and labourers. Of course, they still use ponies as currency. All political power is held by warlords who keep the peace in the land, through an old Babylonian style system of "law codes". This peace is often shattered by power struggles. These struggles dominate the cities, which are violent places. By and by, however, people can live their lives, and the nation is rich in comparison to is less advanced neighbours. Not all settlements accept cash as currency, and may use the old system of ponies-as-currency. Mining is an important source of income, and crystals must be transported to a place where they can be sold. The mines in the cities long since ran dry, Visiting smaller settlements is crucial since the sale of certain things is forbidden in the cities and they must be smuggled in. A warlord may turn a blind eye to his own citizens doing this, but his rivals will not. Wars have been fought over the digressions of a single peasant. The story: Your father was recently assassinated and you are now the head of your family. Avenge his death, increase the power of your family, and "blow shit up". Taking over small settlements is the main way to increase your wealth, and the buildings found in each settlement can be used to supply your army. To capture a settlement you need to drive enemy soldiers from the town or village and raise your flag in the town square. Mechanics involve visiting different buildings for different purposes. To buy weapons you need to visit the weapon smith. To train an army you need a barracks. To plan and execute an attack you need to visit your headquarters in the city. The game is won when you avenge your fathers death, or when the other families collapse or are wiped out. Visiting a building in an enemy held city is risky as you may be recognised and killed. Your villages may suffer raids and attacks by your enemies. I'll aim to get this game up to the standards of the competition first, with a single settlement to visit. I'll add the RTS elements later on, if I choose to continue this game after the competition has ended. To begin with your goal will be to earn X ponies to repay a debt.

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