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Keeping the text in one place

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Hi. I'm having difficulties keeping the text static on the screen as I move around my view all the time in 3D.
int GraphicHandler::RenderGLScene(GLvoid)									// Here's Where We Do All The Drawing
{								// Finished Drawing The Triangle
	finish = clock();
	duration += (double)(finish - start) / CLOCKS_PER_SEC ;
	frames ++ ;
	FPS = frames / duration ;
	start = clock() ;

	if(frames > 60){ duration = 0; frames = 0; }
	glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT);	// Clear Screen And Depth Buffer

	glLoadIdentity();									// Reset The Current Modelview Matrix
	//Render models



	//Render our fonts
	if(font != NULL)
		glColor3f(0.0f, 0.5f, 1.0f);
		glTranslatef(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);

		glRasterPos2f(0.0f, 0.0f);
		font->Print("FPS: %7.2f", FPS);
	return TRUE;										// Keep Going
The camera render is basically a translation and rotation for the entire view, the question is how do I prevent the text from being manipulated by this?

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I can't really give you an answer because there really isn't enough information without seeing the details of how you're drawing things. However, I can give you a method to do what you want to do.

First you draw your scene as you normally would. Then you switch to an orthographic projection (if you weren't already), load the identity matrix, disable depth testing, and then render your text. Finally swap buffers and you're done!

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I agree. Seems like your text is influenced by the camera matrix. I assume you have glPushMatrix() / glPopMatrix() pairs for the model but there's still the camera transform.

Use the method CrimsonSun suggests. The modelview matrix will be the identity matrix and not transform the text. The orthographic projection matrix allows you to provide the text position in pixels.

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