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Anyone interested in a semi-realtime browser based ajax game?

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Hello all, I've had this game concept in my head for a while, and only recently started plucking away at a game engine to implement it. It's implemented as a 2d tile game with ajax for server communication. Anyways, the concept... It's called Project:Genesis and is designed to be a community building game. The idea is to drop players into an untouched world, and allow them to dominate it. Players will use the raw materials in their world to create everything. My hope is to urge groups of players to work together to form communities, and take responsibility for different roles which will need to be performed. Now, the world is not entirely tame. There will be monsters that actively hunt down players. One of the goals of any community should be to provide protection for their members. I would also like to implement some kind of pvp where it would be possible to raid or attack a community you don't like. Players will need to search out the natural resources of the world to use in manufacturing useful items for themselves. They are dropped in this world with nothing, the only thing players have access to in the beginning are natural resources. They must discover how to combine their resources to make simple tools. Different tools can combine into more advanced tools. Basically, players are starting in the stone age, and they work their way up technologically. This is all player driven, every item is player discovered. Anyways, just an overview of of the concept. This isn't fully fleshed out in design, and I've just started on a basic tile engine to support this. Anyone interested working on such a game with me?

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