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[4E6] Large Corp.

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...I'll keep looking for a name. Anyway, I only have a rough idea for my game so far but I know it will be a 2d sidescroller shooting game. The premise of the game will be something like this. You play as an accountant named...John (for now) who works at the headquarters of a large company. This particular day is special because it is Take-Your-Daughter-To-Work Day and John and the rest of his coworkers have all brought their daughters. Of course, his 8-year-old daughter isn't really into accounting and so decides to wander off to play with a few other kids. All of the sudden something happens that I haven't really fleshed out yet like the power goes out or something explodes and when said event is over there are all sorts of horrible, disfigured looking creatures(like zombies. Maybe I'll think of something more original) everywhere....and ponies...and all sorts of other pink, lovable creatures. You and your fellow accountant coworkers regroup and somehow figure out that anything you imagine becomes real: people, office equipment, weapons, basically any object becomes real(materializes) if you imagine it. This is where all the cute'n'cuddly stuff is coming from: the duaghters' imaginations. You also realize that your daughter is missing. So its a quest to find your daughter, figure out where the horrible creatures are coming from, and escape the building. Gameplay: Crystals: These will basically be the game's currency. When you kill any imaginary creature it will spill crystals that you can pick up. Crystals will then allow you to use your imaginations and spawn objects like ammo, guns, and some other more creative things like ninjas or..I'm not sure right now but you can see where I'm going with that idea. These objects will take a certain amount of crystals to imagine(ammo = 10 crystals, pistol = 15, etc). Ponies: You will also be able to recruit daughters to follow you around and imagine stuff for you to use. They will use up fewer crystals to imagine things. However, they will imagine "girly" things like ponies and dollies. These things will still be useful (for instance, fire-ponies:) ) but you will have the added cost of keeping the daughters from getting hurt or they will run away. Explosions: Lots of cool action movie weapons from the adults' minds. Accountants: Other than the fact that they will be characters(and you play as one), I'm not quite sure how I'll make their role important yet. So, there ya go.

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