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How can I load a single mip level from dds?

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hello guys, I`m working on my texture management, but I can`t figure out how can I get for example only 5th mip level from a texture. loading function in directX has parameter how many mip levels I want to load, but if I put there for example 1, it loads the highest mip level. it would be fine if it loaded the lowest one, but unfortunately it doesn`t. how can I do it? or do I have to load whole texture and then use tex2Dlod? not exactly the fastest way, especially when I plan to load textures dynamicaly.

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Admittedly I've not tried it, but there is the lesser known D3DX_SKIP_DDS_MIP_LEVELS(levels,filter) macro (at the very bottom of the remarks in the docs).

From what I gather, pass in the number of levels you want (e.g. 1) as usual, then use the aforementioned macro for the MipFilter parameter - the second argument of the macro handles your normal usage, but the first encodes the number of levels to skip. Presumably using 1 level and skip 4 will only load the 5th for you.

However, I have no idea how smart the implementation is - whether it actually reduces the I/O usage or whether it just loads everything and returns an IDirect3DTexture9 with everything else discarded...


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yep, thanx, its working. I`ve tried adding it to my texture browser, but I have no idea either how smart the implementation is. I have there some mysterious bug so when I load 2 megs of textures it takes 50mbs in memory. weird, huh? but nvm, i`m going to profile it.

for all fellow MDX programmmer: we don`t have this macro, or at least I haven`t found it, so we have to make it. here is my version:

int mipsInFile = TextureLoader.ImageInformationFromFile(path).MipLevels;
int mipsNeeded = 7;

int mipMask = 0x1F;
int shift = 26;
int filter = (int)Filter.Linear;
int mipsToThrowAway = mipsInFile - mipsNeeded;
int f = ((mipsToThrowAway & mipMask) << shift) | filter;

Texture t = TextureLoader.FromFile(device, path, 0, 0, 1, Usage.None, Format.Unknown, Pool.Managed, Filter.None, (Filter)f, 0);

this is from SDK:
use bits 27-31 to specify the number of mip levels to be skipped (from the top of the mipmap chain) when a .dds texture is loaded into memory; this allows you to skip up to 32 levels.

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