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My first game 1 error from being finished! -still not solved!

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Put code in [ source][/ source] tags. Makes it much easier to read. Also, check the filename of the image in the folder. I assume all the other images work?

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Original post by yurian

if(alreadyload == false)
failure = load_bitmap("failure.bmp",NULL);
deathvalley = load_bitmap("deathvalley.bmp",NULL);
omg =load_bitmap("omg.bmp",NULL);
player = load_bitmap("player.bmp",NULL);
playera = load_bitmap("playera.bmp",NULL);
fuzzy = load_bitmap("fuzzy.bmp",NULL);
fuzzya = load_bitmap("fuzzya.bmp",NULL);
froggy = load_bitmap("froggy.bmp",NULL);
froggya = load_bitmap("froggya.bmp",NULL);
reaper = load_bitmap("reaper.bmp",NULL);
reapera = load_bitmap("reapera.bmp",NULL);
sammy = load_bitmap("sammy.bmp",NULL);
sammya = load_bitmap("sammya.bmp",NULL);
drksp = load_bitmap("drksp.bmp",NULL);
drkspa = load_bitmap("drkspa.bmp",NULL);

i am not an expert, but looking at that, it might be the load line, notice how its "=load_bitmap" try putting a space between maybe? seeing as the rest load and thats the only difference i can see.

hope i was right and its helps

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Congrants on getting this far. There are, however, a lot of things that should be changed with this. What is the output of the game so far? It looks like everything may be getting overwritten. Consider rendering a complete frame to a offscreen buffer first, and then page-flip that to the visible screen ala :

[source lang='c']

BITMAP* doubleBuffer = create_bitmap( SCREEN_W , SCREEN_H );

// draw elements like this :

masked_blit(froggy , doubleBuffer , 0 , 0 ,estartx,y , froggy->w , froggy->h );

// check this return status of the function calls :
omg =load_bitmap("omg.bmp",NULL); // <-- check status of 'omg' to ensure it has loaded properly...

Well, I doubt this fixes anything, maybe if you send me an exe or post a screenie...

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I only had one possible background, and 2 possible pictures for each character, so I did not think it nessacary to use double buffering.

It does not flicker or have any such problem =)

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Post a screenie. Also, omg bitmap isn't created using the allegro reserved transparent color is it ( R 255 G 0 B 255 )?

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Here you go, please don't shout at me for ripping sprites from a game =)
I just wanted to see what it would look like before I draw my own pictures and put it in...

Ok the problem here, you see that empty space between the two characters? Supposedly a huge exclamation mark appears and you press space as fast as you can to defeat-ify the enemy.

And the background DOES have 255, 0, 255 in it =) otherwise you see a white sqaure, right? Thanks.

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