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[4E6] Space Galaxy

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The title is subject to change. The story so far: The game centers around a wanna-be space-pilot, Jones, in the galaxy of Alkatroy. Light-years away from Earth, this galaxy is an abis of nothingness. Space stations were built in the early 1900's to over take the galaxy, which proved to be sucessful to the "rulers", but the galaxy had a great conflict between the "rulers" and it's people. The "rulers" control the people. The year is now 2250, Jones' dream of becoming a space-pilot is soon to come true. Little does he know the conflict between the three "ruler" space stations will soon be for him to judge the fate of. These "ruler" space stations control the Alkatroy galaxy. They control all other stations in this galaxy. In the year 2178, the Prophet of this galaxy had for-seen the future of the galaxy - brought back to peace and love; who is the "one" to bring peace back to the galaxy... Jones? Jones must acquire a pilot's license in order for him to fulfill his dream. But he does not have enough money for a ship. He must find work on the ship he lives on in order for him to buy his own ship. Once he has his ship, he can finally travel to other stations, acquiring more work and money. To progress, he must buy weapons, engines, shields, supplys, and food in order to get through the missions. Some require fighting in a dog-fight against other pilots. He must progress his skill advanced enough to eventually head up against the "rulers" and defeat all three. Each "ruler" has a distinct ability - Power, Magic, and Evil. The game is intended to be non-linear after Jones gets a ship - he can travel to any station he wishes, even the "ruler" stations. However, if he or his ship is not advanced enough to overtake the enemy forces that guard the "ruler" stations, he shall fail miserably. Other than the three "ruler" stations, all others are neutral, and thus can be traveled to without question. Only thing is, the stations must be found by flying through space - once found, it will be available on the radar to easily know where it is for the next time you want to travel to it. Here's a few screenshots of what I have as far as programming goes. The shots are obviously not exactly spacey, but there shots of what will be one of the space stations (the station you will start on). The game is actually two kinds: FPS-style (with no shooting) while on a space station and third-person space shooter (while in-space, fighting, etc). Anyway, here's the screenshots (Note: there a bit big): I realize the walls are all textured with the same texture - but it's just temporary. Comments/suggestions are welcome!

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