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OpenGL screen coordinates to world coordinates

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When I click the mouse on the window, I am x,y points, which I understand are the screen coordinates or window coordinates. Now How to find the world coordinate of this window coordinates. OpenGL/DirectX has built in Functions. But I am not suppose to use these functions. What is the algorithm and please explain the theory behind it. Thanks in advance

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It is called unprojection. Transform the screen coordinates by the inverse world-view-projection-viewport matrix.

Since this matrix is singular (due to the projection), a degree of freedom remains and so we typically unproject (x, y, 0) and (x, y, 1) to produce the terminal points (on the near & far clipping-planes) of the corresponding world-space line-segment.

It has been discussed to death on this forum, and all over the web. Key words would be 'picking, object, ray, unproject'.

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The basics:

You first convert a screen position to a 'world line'. Then you create a ray from that 'world line' and shoot it against an arbitrary placed plane in the world. The intersection point is your 'world position'.

Pseudo code:

Vector3 screenPosToWorldPos
(Vector2 screenPos, // screen position
Plane plane) // projection plane
// convert screen pos to a line in the world
Vector3 near, far;
// this function requires an inverse projection * inverse view matrix
screenPosToWorldLine(screenPos, near, far);

// create a ray and shoot it against the plane
Ray ray(near, far);
float distance = ray.getDistanceBetween(near, plane);

return near + (ray.getDirection() * distance);

Edit: code tags

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