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.NET Dataset.Table.Select() unreliable?

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So I have a Dataset, and use it allot during runtime. Randomly somewhere in the process of selecting DataRows it'll decide that the content isn't there this time, or that the Table itself doesn't exist this time(Exceptioning out), but will work fine on the next Select happening ms' later, 500+/- or more times before or after that problematic Select. I can only assume that the data is corrupted during a read? or the GC is adjusting memory locations? I really am clueless atm as to why. So any ideas on what would cause this are welcome! Bourke Edit: Also as a quick example. I'll select a certain Column with a message value MyTable.Tables["Foo"].Select("Message='TEST'"); works fine, then I'll select more random Messages and then Select the first one again MyTable.Tables["Foo"].Select("Message='TEST'"); but the Select will return a empty DataRow object or, Exception out that the Table isnt ref to an obj. then it'll work again a ton more times, randomly doing the same as above for other messages....

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