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SimpleRenrerer tool for Delphi

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Hi'ya! I recently wrote a simple tool for a friend, who wanted to make some game and decided to share it here, in case someone find it in interesting or useful :) It's a Delphi(!) 2D adaptation of Direct3D with some 3D elements (well that's mostly the XYZ rotation). It's very very simple (i mean it) to use, however embraces all common functionality of what is to be expected from a 2D rendering device, so i hope it'll be useful for someone else :) Here's what it can do if you go beyond the defaults in the classes - Loading an alpha (or not) channeled image from a .tga File (it can be, of course rewritten for some other format) - Drawing the Image (yeah :D) - Stretching and Drawing a Segment of an image - Linear filtering the image if stretched - Rotating in 2D (Z-Axis) and in X and Y axis - Motion Blur functionality - Different drawing modes (Standard, Additive, Subtractive.. uuhh.. and one more :) - Alpha Blending in Additive, Subtractive and Modulation Modes - Color Blening in the same manner - Camera funcitonality - Timer for driving movement speed and FPS counter - Ah, yes, fullscreen mode, but i haven't written detection of supported modes yet, heheh.. ...and if you have suggestions or somtin, it's functionality can always be widened. Yeah.. nearly forgot, there are all-you-need (3)samples included :) And here it is: bye, it's been fun ;) [Edited by - Stray on November 20, 2007 11:42:42 AM]

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